Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This Geeky Mama Loves Podcasts - and SO SHOULD YOU!

Time for me to get my Lady Geek on and talk about Technology, Oh, I love technology! I love podcasts! I'm sure you've heard the term podcast for years now but maybe never tried it or didn't really know what its all about.  I discovered these when my son was first born. We don't have cable so I was scouring the net for something free to watch while breast feeding. 

What Is A Podcast?
Videos (or audio files) on almost any subject (I'm talking fashion, comedy skits, food, fitness, science, parenting, short stories... anything!) that you can download in iTunes.  Podcasts are not only on almost any subject but they are by almost anyone, from the NY Times to a Co-op in the Kootenays.
Popular podcasts will have many 'episodes' you can download - you can even subscribe to a podcast and itunes will automatically download all the new episodes. 
Here is the beauty, you can sync them to your iPhone or iPod and take them on the go - or just watch them at your leisure and delete. They are also from a legit source so you don't have to worry about viruses or feel guilty when you see those pirating commercials against copyrights.  

If you see these icons on a website, click on it and it will take you to their podcasts.
How much Are They?

Where To Find Them?
Open iTunes (if you don't have it download here).  Click on iTunes Store (left hand bar). Click on Podcasts (top bar) and browse away!

Screen shot from iTunes, Podcasts Homepage

Some Tips For the Rookie 
- Look at the episode date: When you are browsing, remember there may be some older podcasts or ones that no longer have regular episodes. 
- You don't have to subscribe: if you see only a few episodes you are interested just download those few rather than subscribe to a whole podcast at once
- Look for the video icon: If you look beside the episode name you should see a little tv icon. This tells you this is a video podcast - this saves you from downloading an audio file when you wanted video
- Make use on the go: You can sync video and audio podcasts to your phone or ipod - great for car rides, plan trips, watching while in the bath, walking, running or keeping the kids busy with something to watch

Here are some of my favourite podcasts:




So go check it out! Let me know if you find a podcast you love too. 

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