Monday, April 23, 2012

Pregnant and Craving...

With my son I craved yam tempura sushi, with this one I'm wanting every single sweet, decadent dessert ever pinned on Pinterest.  So I think this one is a girl and she needs more SHUGAH, cause we all know she took all the sweetness I had to give! (Yup, I'm a bit more nuts this pregnancy)

Now we live in a small town - you can't just go out anytime and get a delicious (quality made) treat, which I seem to want around 8pm at night.  I also have a husband who just worked 13 hours and has to wake up at 430am that I can't send hunting the town for whatever is available - so  I'm left to my own devices to 'ANTICIPATE MY CRAVINGS', as my husband puts it.

Now we don't even have juice in our house on a regular basis, let alone a stash of treats.  So making a special appearance in my freezer is a strawberry sundae and blizzard with fudge cookie dough/oreo that I eat a bit of every few days.  And current pantry staples has expanded from the mainstay dark chocolate to include chocolate covered pretzels.  My wonderful sis-in law also just sent us some amazing chocolate bars from xoxolat!

What kind of foods do you crave when your pregnant? How do you find yourself 'anticipating your cravings'?

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