Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Favorite Cookbooks {Frugal Food Adventures}

Going from two incomes to one put a halt to our love of regular cheese and meat platters. Not only am I learning to cook cheap healthy food that tastes good I'm bringing our son along for the journey.

Maybe its no longer working full time, or maybe its boredom, most likely its because I love food.  A large portion of my life is now dedicated to meal planning (which makes it cheaper) and cooking healthy meals that TASTE GOOD!

Here are some of my favourite cookbooks.....
Low glycemic meals that taste good. The book is centered around taking two days of the week to prepare the meal components so everything is ready to quickly whip into a yummy meal.  Some cool recipes like tofu pizza and sweet potato and cauliflower curried soup! 

From a renowned Victoria BC restaurant. Most of the recipes are vegetarian but not lacking anything, especially one of our favs: Yam and Yukon Gold gratin with smoked cheese and adobe paste!

Takes a zen approach to the art and meditation of cooking. Some very simple recipes such as roasted green beans with basil and hazelnuts

From the Nelson BC restaurant - wonderful pictures (which I love) and some to die for recipes including a maple shallot salad dressing to put on top of a salad with fried goat cheese balls, dried cherries and pine nuts!

I also have had lots of inspiration from Toni Fiore's recipes - you can watch her whip them up in quick little podcasts, download the app or check out her website 

I would love to hear if you or your family has tried any of these recipes.

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