Friday, February 27, 2015

Hustle or Heart {Why I'm Slow Blogging}

I never had ambitions to write....or blog. I just wanted a space to share my c-section story and hopefully help out some other moms who felt as overwhelmed with motherhood as I did/do.

But, as with any process you stick with over time, it will change you.

Blogging has given me a voice. It has allowed me string together my ideas, plucking them from an imaginary bubble. Hanging each word on a line, to form each single sentence. The craft of pinning these pieces up in a decorative fashion has made me feel creative. It has pressed and permitted me to voice my opinions. Forced me to analyze, commit to and defend these opinions.

It has also confused the heck out of me.
Why should I blog? What should I write about? Who is reading this? Is this weird? It's kinda weird. How can I be more successful? What are my pageviews? My numbers? Brooke wrote a perfect piece on this aspect of blogging

I've almost quit countless times. I even took a break in December - though you may not have noticed because I pre-scheduled everything for the whole month. 'Look, I'm quitting blogging for a month, now just let me not quit and line up a month's worth of posts'.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tips for the Simple Closet {Capsule Wardrobe}

After November's 30for30 challenge I felt like I finally had the chance to objectively look at my (non-maternity) winter wardrobe. I treated the challenge like an 'interview' for my clothes and really wanted to analyze each piece for their place in my lifestyle and wardrobe. 
This was my second 30for30 (here is what I learned from the first one). 

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To prepare for the challenge I did a lot of Pinning 'capsule wardrobes' aka 'minimalists wardrobes'..... which lead to a youtube binge on tiny homes....which lead to lots of reading on minimalism. 

Long story short, this January I declared 2015 is the year to remove all the excess in a mission to have JUST ENOUGH STUFF. 

I started reading the Joy of Less (on recommendation of Jolie). I was so fired-up-get-rid-of-all-the-stuff that I had to start somewhere in my house. So I went into my closet and tore clothes out.

Friday, February 6, 2015

What Tea Means {And a Giveaway from Thay Tea}

I know she loved tea.....And chain smoking in her house smock..... And barking at her husband. 
I imagine her delicately-flowered teapot with a gradation of brown rings inside, marking days upon weeks upon years of drinking orange pekoe. These stains, a reminder that you don't do something every single day unless it means something. 

I didn't really know her very long, but she passed this daily tea ritual down to my mom, her daughter.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Athletic Skillz According to 12 Year Old Me

embarrassing stories, childhood tales, high jump, PE class, gym class, athletic, elementary school, true stories, childhood tales, when i was a kid,

Grade seven PE class is the first thing that comes to mind when my athletic skillz are in question.

For some reason, Grade Seven PE teachers are obsessed with high jump the way a French teacher is Le Obsessed with Roch Voisine. Two pillars of excellence in their fields.

My pillar of excellence was avoiding participation in the majority of PE classes for my entire school career, with honorary mention of eluding the 'high jump'.

It really is one of the worst activities ever invented.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Feeding a Gluten and Dairy Free Toddler

infant reflux, infant esophagitis, food sensitivities, dairy free, gluten free, toddler foods,
When Lenayah was 4 months I started on a gluten and dairy free diet to help with her infant reflux (Esophagitis). It helped!

When she started solid foods we kept these restrictions and slowly introduced gluten and dairy back into her diet. She is now 2.5yr and can eat all foods. Focus on CAN and not WILL.

In my recent meal planning shake down I found some sheets of meal plans I've held on to. Like this one I made for the dietitian, a two week meal list of foods I fed Lenayah. Maybe it'll help you if you have a GFDF child (abbreviating it sure makes me look like I know what I'm talking about, doesn't it!?)....

Monday, January 19, 2015

What Type are You? [Enneagrams]

enneagram, ennea, enneatype, personality, personality types, personality test, self awareness, self growth, self help, instrospection
As you could tell by my recent posts I turned over a new leaf this January. Actually I climbed out the tree crossed the creek and went into the city!

Maybe it's cause I found my high school diaries (and Adult Shawna needs to go back in time and have a serious Chick-Talk to Teenage Shawna). Maybe it's cause I'm out of my final newborn stage and ready to get off my couch and out of my pajamas. Either way, something is different.

As we have recently enacted some TV reduction I've been geeking out hard to podcasts. I heard a podcast called Confront Your Junk, it featured Leigh Kramer talking about a personality profiling called Enneagram and thought, who doesn't like a fun personality test. So I started looking into it.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting A Life

Sometimes you feel that wave deep in your heart.  Little ripples sending urges into the intentions of your hands and the meandering of your thoughts.

You know change is going to happen. Exciting, transformative change. 

I feel it happening right now. And not just for me, but for those around me.

I've got some top shelf women in my life, both friends and family. They are passionate, they are persistant, they are dreaming big dreams and, most importantly, chasing those dreams - sometimes with kids in tow. 

I grin at them over tea and late night snacking. I want to hug them hard and tell them they kick ass and then grip their hands tight and run after their dreams with them. 

What I really need is to hold my candle up to theirs and get my sputter up to a good steady flicker.

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